3 Strange Symptoms of Heart Disease You Might Not Expect


Many people suppose that heart disease comes without warning, suddenly. This is wrong as heart disease has its own warning signs. Heart disease statistics and heart disease facts reveal that this disease has the highest mortality rate, particularly among ladies.

Recognize these strange heart disease symptoms that you might not expect. They can save your life as heart health is mandatory. If you have one or more of these signs, go directly for your doctor of heart facebook page sharing is appreciated. Cardiac associates will help you.

1Rapid Weight Gain

Weight gain is an increase in body weight. Patients with a heart condition are prone to gaining weight rapidly. This is because of  fluid retention and accumulation which causes body bloating and swelling. Even if you put yourself on a strict diet, you ca not help it, the weight gain is going to continue.

Make sure you weigh yourself every day, at the same time, so you can track the changes happening and inform your doctor. All you need is the proper treatment of the main causative and you will be able to get your body and health back on track in no time. You should consult associates. Rapid weight gain may be related to heart disease especially if combined with other symptoms of cardiac problem.

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