3 Strange Symptoms of Leukemia You May Not Expect


There are some unelectable symptoms that can occur if you have leukemia. You should know these signs to have a better leukemia prognosis once blood cancer treatment started.

The disease may get worse quickly if you have a type known as acute leukemia or it may progress slowly and get worse over time, if you have chronic leukemia. If you have these symptoms of leukemia go directly for cancer center as you may need chronic lymphocytic leukemia treatment immediately.

2Discomfort in the upper left abdomen

An enlarged spleen caused by leukemia sometimes results in abdominal discomfort or even sharp pain. “A patient that presented to me with chronic leukemia a few weeks ago, part of his spleen had died off from spleen enlargement,” says Dr. Levis.

“It hurt like heck. It was a sharp pain in his abdomen.” Because the spleen is located in the upper-left quadrant of the abdomen, the discomfort usually occurs there.

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