Cancer in a Can: The Shocking Truth Behind Pringles


Stackable potato chips, such as Pringles, are an all-time favorite snack. There are, however, many concerns regarding their health implications. First, they could hardly be called potato chips, as their potato content is minimal.

Second, they are infused with toxic substances, some of them recognized carcinogens (and this is why potato chips are one of the top 5 cancer causing foods to avoid). Pringles are so hazardous they should carry a cancer warning label.

1What are Pringles Made of

You might be surprised to find out that the main ingredients of this iconic product are rice, wheat, corn and potato flakes. These are mixed into a dough-like substance and heavily processed until they reach the familiar curve that makes Pringles fit into one another.

The Pringles Company themselves once argued (in order to avoid tax on ‘luxury foods’) that their chips is technically not potato chips due to the low potato content.