High cholesterol symptoms: Pale nails may set off “alarm bells”. Seek medical help


A buildup of the waxy material known as cholesterol in your arteries is referred to as high cholesterol. High cholesterol can cause major health issues, such as heart diseases and strokes, thus this is simply the beginning of the problem. Monika Wassermann, the medical director at Olio Lusso, advises that one approach to identifying the offender is by looking at your nails.

“High cholesterol causes plaque to build in your blood vessels, in case you didn’t know.

The plaque then impairs blood flow, leaving nails that are pallid.

This isn’t the only indication that can show up in your nails, according to the NHS.

A high cholesterol level may also be indicated by brittle, slowly developing toenails, according to the health service.

One of the warning indications of a disorder known as peripheral arterial disease is brittle toenails (PAD).


Other problems brought on by plaque buildup, she continued, “including heart attack, stroke, and numbness.

“Seek medical care as soon as you can if you notice pale nails or any of the other symptoms indicated above.

To determine whether high cholesterol is impacting you, “your healthcare provider will run a blood test for you.”

Although elevated cholesterol levels may be the source of these symptoms, the condition rarely does.

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High cholesterol is referred to as “silent,” and a blood test is the most reliable way to detect it.

How to reduce high cholesterol

Fortunately, there are a variety of methods, from food to medication, that can help you lower your levels.

For instance, cutting back on fatty, saturated-fat-rich meals is essential to a diet designed to decrease cholesterol. Reduce your consumption of foods like sausages, biscuits, and cheese.

Exercise, stopping smoking, and consuming less alcohol are further beneficial lifestyle changes.

To prevent further health issues, some people may need to start taking a drug called statin.