10 Symptoms of Malaria You Should Never Ignore


What are the symptoms of malaria? The potentially deadly disease can be transmitted to humans by a single mosquito bite. The most deadly form of malaria is due to a parasite called Plasmodium falciparum. Malaria is prevalent in some countries like malaria in Zimbabwe. Recently, there is a vaccine against malaria or malaria shot which can prevent it.

Increased prevention and control rules have led to a reduction in malaria mortality rates globally, though it’s still a considerable obstacle in the world. Early diagnosis of malaria is key to preventing deaths. It also contributes to decreasing transmission of malaria. Symptoms and signs of malaria can develop as fast as seven days after an infected mosquito bites you. So, lets start with the symptoms of malaria to stand against malaria.


malaria anemia

Anemia is prevalent in patients with malaria, due to the effects of the Plasmodium parasite on the red blood cells.

Anemia means reduction of the number of the red blood cells in the blood. The parasite invade the cells and destroy them leading to reduction of their number.

Anemia is manifested by weakness, fatigue, decreased physical activity and occasional fainting.

Here are symptoms of anemia you may want to check.